Do you plan to host Erasmus in Schools activities with your sections? Then this is the right page for you!

Follow the following step process in order to implement the Erasmus in Schools in your local section!

1. Partner Up

Introduce the project to the University and Local Primary and Secondary schools you would want to visit.
In order to implement Erasmus in Schools activities with a maximum impact, we suggest to establish a good cooperation between the local ESN Section, the University and the local schools. 

For Universities
You can find out more about why SocialErasmus should be a core element within Higher Education in the SocialErasmus+ Academic Framework

For Schools
Once you have found a school that wants to participate, please make ask the school to make an account on the Erasmus in Schools platform here

ESNers can log in directly with their ESN Account. 

2. Define the Framework

It is important that a clear Activity Framework is agreed upon. It is important to discuss the expectations of all partners in order to ensure the objectives are achievable. 

The most important questions to tackle are: 

  • Which period should the activity take place?
  • Where is the school located?
  • What is the age and profile of the pupils?
  • What is the wanted profile of International students?
  • What is the role of the teacher during the visit? 

NOTE: As ESNer, you represent the international student in this discussion. Make sure that the requests you receive, are feasible. The activity should remain a learning experience of the International Student. Make sure that the expectations of the students' profile can be met and is not exclusive towards other students that might be interested. 

The Event Management tool can be used to set up the student perspective. 

3. Recruit Students

Spread the message about the Erasmus in Schools activities to the students. ESN International has created a social media campaign to convince students about the added value of volunteering during their exchange based on the benefits summarised in the SocialErasmus Charter. Follow our Social Media Channels, and feel free to re-use them. You can also showcase any of the SocialErasmus Stories

4. Preparation

Help the student in preparing their Erasmus in Schools visit. Have a Take-In session to see what the expectations are of the student, explain what the expectations are of the school as defined under step 2.
Fill in the Template Activity Outline to prepare the specific activities that will be done throughout the visit. Find the Activity Outline in the toolkit.

5. Implementation

Organise the Erasmus in Schools visit, you can do this during the Social Inclusion Days of ESN that encourage people to leave a mark in their local host community, and will give extra attention to social impact activities. This fall the Social Inclusion Days will take place between 19th of November and December 3rd.

5. Evaluate

Make sure to plan a meeting to evaluate the activity. What went well, and what can be improved during future events?

Report the results of the activity on