The SocialErasmus+ project will be presented during the 30th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition that is taking place from 11–14 September 2018 in Geneva, Switserland.

The Session is called : SocialErasmus; Encouraging international students to reach out to local communities and will take place on friday the 14th of September 2018 in Room T, Level 0 in the Palexpo.
Speakers in the session will be; Wim Gabriels, Project Coordinator of the Erasmus Student Network, Marie Montaldo of the European University Foundation, and joined by Lloyd Athony Huitson of the European Commission. 

How do you encourage exchange students to engage with local communities during their studies abroad? This session will discuss how SocialErasmus, a project designed to encourage volunteerism whilst studying abroad, increases competencies and the benefits of internationalisation for students while driving social inclusion between local communities and those on academic exchange. We’ll conclude with discussion of the SocialErasmus Charter, which outlines how institutions can work on this topic.